About Us

     Hi, everyone!  We are a military family that is currently stationed in Georgia, but living in Alabama.  I am married to a wonderful man who supports my constantly changing hobbies and wild ideas; and together, we have four beautiful children.  Our oldest son is ten (that would be Cameron), Kai is next and he is turning six soon, Scarlett is almost four, and lastly, we have Liam who is 7 months.  I have a small Etsy shop where I sell handmade baby items.  Babies have always made me happy, and in my mind there is nothing cuter than baby stuff.   I love what I do, and take great pride in what I make and sell.  

Why Spicy Pinecone?
     Our middle son was right at that age where crazy stuff just spilled out of his mouth.  Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cringe, sometimes it sticks in your head as the perfect band name.  

     We were at the Commissary a few years ago, when Kai picked up a pinecone that had fallen in the parking lot.  He held throughout the entire shopping trip, petting it, and holding it out to others while yelling enthusiastically, "LOOK AT MY SPICY PINECONE!"  They would politely nod and nervously smile, then book it in the other direction.  For months, Kai was obsessed with pinecones.  We'd go hunting them in the woods and he'd yell about his "spicy pinecone"... even Scarlett and Cameron picked up on his pinecone devotion.  We had baskets of pinecones on the front porch and in all of my planters.  I joked with Travis that "Spicy Pinecone" would be a great name for a band.  Either that or "Rogue Peanut", which I came up with when hunting them down after Scarlett had a peanut chucking tantrum.

    This went on for awhile, the whole time, he'd talk about his spicy pinecones.  I just figured that he didn't quite get the whole adjective thing, until I said, "Oh yeah, nice pinecone."  He held it out to me, pet the side and said, "See?  Spicy!"  Spicy????  OOOHHHH... SPIKY!  Yes, they were spiky.  The mystery had been solved.