Friday, October 14, 2011

Chobani vs. Fage

A friend on my sewing forum (looking at you, Carole *wink*) had told me about Chobani and said that I needed to give it a shot.  I was pretty happy with my original yogurt, Fage, but I'm always up to try something new and potentially tasty.

In what might be remembered as the "Fight of the Century", Greek yogurt champions Chobani and Fage finally met today on Fage's home turf.
As they glared at each other, prepped for a fight... the lids literally came off.
Round 1- Yogurt
Chobani- Thick, creamy, smooth.  Delicious.
Fage- Thicker than it's opponent, smooth, more acidity.  Delicious as well.
Winner- Chobani.  It wasn't as thick, but the creamy smoothness beat out the competition.
Round 2- Fruit Puree
Chobani-  Thick chunks of fruit, located underneath the yogurt, sweet, yummy.
Fage- Smaller chunks of fruit, smoother puree, in it's own container so you can add as much as you'd like.
Winner- Fage.
Round 3- Overall Experience
Chobani- Super yummy yogurt.  The fruit was okay, but I dislike large chunks (makes me think of squishy eyeballs, never been able to eat big chunks without being grossed out).  Would definitely eat it again.
Fage- Good yogurt, fantastic fruit puree (smoother, less chunks).  I like how it is separated so you can add a little or a lot.
Winner- Fage!  Chobani is pretty awesome, though and I want to try the other flavors.  If Fage was gone, Chobani would easily take it's place.
The winner will take home a kiss from the judges...
As well as an all-expense-paid vacation to tummy resort for the next 24 hours.  (We'll just leave it at that.)

BTW, to get the good "lipstick" picture, I had to kiss all of the darned Fage yogurts I had bought.  I wanted a picture of an unopened one so I wasn't photographing "used" food.  Lol!  :)

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