Friday, June 17, 2011

Flower Petal Tutus and Headband

So I'm the kind of person who loves buying a ton of books and keeping them around for projects I'd like to do on a whim.  I have one book called, "Girl's World" that had a beautiful tutu with flower petals in between the tulle.  They also had flower headbands for girls, both of which, I just loved and wanted to try.

Never sewn a tutu before, so it was a learning experience.  The pattern in the book is pretty simple to follow.  A breakdown without photos (may make a step-by-step later, but since it's not my pattern [it's from the book] I'm not sure if I will do anything more than this description).....

     For the size XS/S that I used: cut two pieces of tulle that are 81" long by 54" wide each.  Lay the first piece flat and fold one long edge in to the crease running down the center, then fold in the other edge.  Next, you lay the second piece of tulle on top, lining up the creases.  Again, fold each edge in so each edge has 4 layers of tulle.  Then, flip all of the pieces from one side to the other side, (like closing a book) so you have 8 layers of tulle.  Pin in place along the crease edge and sew 1" off the crease. 

Trim the short edges so all pieces are even and run a piece of elastic that is the same size as the child's waist (the pattern calls for 1" shorter than the child's waist size, but I hate having things super snug and wanted a bit of growing room) through the casing you made by sewing next to the crease.  Line up the two short sides and pin together. 

Sew from the top of the casing to the seam of the casing (should be an inch if you kept to the 1" off the crease that I did).  Backstitch and repeat a few times to secure the elastic.  Then, leave 5" directly after the seam  along the short side NOT SEWN (so you can stuff goodies in the tutu later) but then sew all the way down the rest of the length of the tutu.  When you're done, flip it right side out (seams in), stuff whatever fun stuff you want in the outer (first) pocket of tulle.  After that, flip the tutu inside out (wrong side out) again, and sew that 5" area closed.  Add any embellishments to the waistband you want.

Scarlett's new dainty rose petal tutu:

After I made that tutu, I had so much fun that I wanted to make one for my cousin's daughter.  (Would that be a second cousin?)  So I made it again in purple.

These are QUICK to make.  Didn't take any time at all, so I still had a little bit of time before the kids got up from their naps/quiet time.  Flipping through the book, they had headbands with flowers on them.  I didn't follow their directions since they looked pretty easy. 

Supplies I used:
Smooth headband with no teeth
Silk leaves and flowers
Hot glue gun
Feather butterfly (totally optional)

I just glued the leaves on, positioned and glued the flowers, and threw on a butterfly.  I'm still undecided if this is cute or crazy.  I figured it's just for playtime anyway so who cares?

And the ensemble all together:

    My friend called her a "flower child" and I got a kick out of it.  Also laughed at her tummy in this picture.  Like a flower child with a beer gut.  Gotta love it!

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