Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Romper and BIG Postal Delivery

Warning:  I went totally picture crazy with this post!  Be ready for a serious photo bomb.

This past Saturday was HOT, and when I say "hot", I mean topping 100 degrees.  WHEW!  We went to the playground for a little bit....

Cameron with Weiner Dog (A.K.A. "Weenie")

Scarlett in her hummingbird smocked top I made a few weeks ago.

Kai starting to look as red as the lobster on his shirt from the heat.

Weenie really is a "hot dog".  (Bad, I know.)

      After dealing with the heat, we all needed to cool down.  Mom sent us a Slip 'n Slide for the kids, so we set it up and let them have at it.

So I couldn't stop thinking about the fabric in my last order and wanted to get crackin' on a project ASAP.  There's a post on my sewing forum that shows all the work people have done lately and I was inspired by a romper that was posted.  Scarlett doesn't have a romper, so I figured it was time to remedy that.  On Sunday, I decided to knock it out.  The only problem was, our Internet was out because of the construction on the main road so I didn't have a pattern.
     I was a little upset at first, but decided to wing it.  I made pants just like the ones I did for the kimono pajamas, only shortened them and didn't add a contrasting band on the bottom.  Then, I made a longer version of the smocked hummingbird top (see playground pics above) without the ruffle and just sewed them together.  Voila!  Romper.  It worked out really well and gave her a lot of wiggle and jumping room. 

The house WAS clean earlier, but with 3 kids it doesn't last long.

Eating cucumbers from the garden while staring at the Sage flowers.

Kai chowing down on a freshly picked cucumber of his own. 

     After the romper, I got started on a new project.  Working on hand embroidered felt baby booties with matryoshkas.  Don't know what it is about matryoshkas, but I absolutely love them.  My kitchen table has been held hostage for the past 3 days on this project and I'm still not done.

Close-up of the unfinished matryoshka.

     While that project has been keeping me busy, a close friend of the family decided to downsize her craft goodies and sent me a shipment of epic proportion.  I don't think my new mail guy was too happy with me when he had to deliver this shipment to my door!

First part of shipment.

Second part of shipment with my separate fabric order on the very top.

     To top it all off, the cherry on the sundae was getting my fabric order in from my new favorite Etsy store, "brodyandma".  This is the same place I got my fabric from in the previous post.  LOVE her stuff. 

     That sums it up for today.  Friends of the family coming to visit tomorrow so it's time to get scrub-a-dubbin' on the house.  Will post soon with a matryoshka baby bootie update.

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