Thursday, December 22, 2011

One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater and Monkey Business Ornaments

Going through a poly clay phase.  Been making a lot of ornaments lately and I have to say that it's really a great stress reliever and outlet for your creativity!

    For this year's ornaments, Cameron gets the Christmas piggy, Scarlett gets the polar bear with a snowflake, and Kai wanted something different...

    Behold, the One-Eyed One-horned Flying Purple People Eater ornament....

So the ornaments for everyone this year will be:
Cam, Kai, and Scarlett's ornaments.

     Last year, I also used polmer clay to make their ornaments.  They all got the same basic hedgehog, but it was embellished to suit each child.
Kai, Scarlett, and Cam's ornaments last year.

     Also this year, I attempted my first monkey ornament ever!  It was a trade for one of my fellow bloggers and it was really a blast to make!  
     The monkey pictures were taken after it was baked and the eyes were painted, but it hadn't been glazed yet or had a ribbon added to it.  I later finished her and sent her to live with her new family.  :)

      I've been working with the Sculpey Studio clay, but just recently picked up some Sculpey Premo clay.  I'll work with the new stuff in the near future and let you all know how it performs.   


  1. So cute!! I love the purple people eatter. I haven't seen that movie since I was little. Very cute idea!

  2. My son, Kai, said that he wanted something "different" and "cool". For some reason, this just popped into my head. Kind of an unorthodox Christmas ornament, but the idea just cracked me up. :)