Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring/Easter Chick Earrings!

     After making the "Spring Chicks with Mama Hen", I had so much fun that I wanted an excuse to make a few more chicks.  I got to pull out a bunch of different clay colors and just wallow in chick-making for a while.  Yay!

And an up-close shot of one pair on an earring card:

      Making them was an interesting process.... mainly because I had to keep my four and two year old from eating the not-yet-embellished bodies.  I guess they really look like jelly beans at first.  Just too tempting for little eyes and little fingers can't help but reach for them.  Fortunately, none were eaten.

     Got these little cuties up in the shop right now.  Hope everyone's ready for Spring!  Time to start thinking about those gardens....


  1. They are so cute. Are they heavy?

    1. Thank you, Katie!

      I don't like earrings that pull or that I feel are too heavy. Fortunately, these are really light and very comfortable. I kept the first pair I made and haven't had an issue with them at all. Yay! :)