Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Glow-in-the-Dark "Ooga Boogas"

     My two younger munchkins have really been worried about monsters and aliens lately.  We use "Alien Spray" (Glade) every night and that used to do the trick, but either the scary guys are becoming immune to it, or the little kids are catching on.  Either way, I figured that something had to be done.  Waking up numerous times every night to soothe monster/alien fears is not the best way to feel like a well-rested and SANE mom in the morning.  :)

     I had an idea to create something with the glow-in-the-dark clay that I've had for awhile.  I thought that they should be kid-loving and cute, while also being able to scare away and/or fight monsters and aliens.  I came up with "Ooga Boogas"... since they're meant to scare away unwanted nighttime boogeymen. 

      These little guys are the best alien/monster fighting machines you can find.  Contrary to their adorable-ness...  they also possess the ability to scare away and/or fight off anything that is not welcome to their territory. 

      So monsters and aliens BEWARE!  These little guys pack a heck of a wallop.  They're loyal to their kids and will protect them at all costs. 

     Oh, and uhhh... I DID mention how cute they were, right?  ;)



  1. Oh my goodness..they came out so cute! Lov eth alien spray. HAHA. Hope they sleep better with their ooga boogas!

    1. It's been working great so far! Yippee! I haven't had to wake up once for Kai, and Scarlett's only getting me up once a night. (Whereas before, it was up to 3x a night. AGH!) I just tell her that the Ooga Booga is on patrol and she goes right back to sleep after a quick kiss and re-tucking in. :)