Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rainbow Sundress with Custom Polymer Buttons

     I love it when cute fabric goes on clearance!  I picked up this adorable rainbow fabric at Hancock Fabrics the last clearance event that they had and have been planning on making a sundress for Scarlett.  I had a specific sundress pattern in mind, but my idea for the dress changed at the last minute and I threw my plans out the window and just did my own thing. 

     Did some criss-cross straps in the back for added interest, as well as adding the rick-rack trim to the bottom hem of the dress.

     I think what changed my mind was that I really wanted to use my new clay cutters... and what better way than to make custom buttons?

           After sewing the dress together, I pulled out my Sculpey Premo clay, marble tile (GREAT for working with when you're using clay), and tools.  I wanted the entire button to be made of polymer, not an ounce of paint for coloring. 

     After being sculpted and before being baked:
"Rainbow" Button.

"Bird with Tree" Button.

     After they were sculpted and had their button holes, these were baked in the oven for 30 minutes.  Then quenched and cooled, sanded, and varnished.  After their second coat was dry, they were ready to be sewn on the dress. 

     Project complete!