Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ornaments, Tiles, and Mailbox Beautification

     This week, I decided to try my hand at glittering ornaments for the kids.  Do you ever see those plain, empty plastic or glass ornaments at the craft store and wonder about who really buys them?  I used to.

     Now, I'm the person buying them... and I wish that I had done it earlier!

     Luckily, you can still find them at Michael's and Hobby Lobby right now for 50% off... so grab your car keys and get moving.

     I'll probably do a quick tutorial on these in the future because they really are fun and even a first-timer can totally blow this one out of the water.
Right after they dried and had the caps put back on.

When they were finished.

    Long story short, clean the inside of the ornaments with rubbing alcohol (swish and pour back in the bottle), then swirl floor polish (with Future Shine) around the inside.  Immediately after pouring the excess floor polish back into the polish bottle, add your extra fine glitter, plug the top of the ornament up with your thumb and shake to coat the inside.  Tap excess glitter back into container.  Finally, clean the outside of the ornament with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball and add vinyl embellishments.  :)

   SUPER easy, very rewarding.

     Along with the ornaments, I also made a few tiles to give out as "thank you"s to the receptionists and the nurse at my doctor's office.  They've been phenomenal whenever I've gone in there, both before and after Liam came.  I wanted to show them how much they were appreciated.

     I love that Rudolph file.  And glitter vinyl is becoming my favorite thing EVER.

     Also made a thermos for my dad.  (No worries, he doesn't read my blog.  Crafting is not his thing and I keep him posted about the family through my mom and Facebook.)  

     He wanted a Harley for the longest time and finally got one a few years ago.  I remembered growing up how he would always talk about owning one.  Now he's got one and he loves it.  Harley-anything goes over really well.  Dad has always been kind of hard to shop for, but this is right up his alley.

     Finally, today I finally decided that I didn't want to look at my horrible mailbox for one second longer.  I picked up some black glossy spray paint and got to work.

     My mailbox went from this:
   A sad, raggedy and generally ugly mailbox.

To this:
    *cue angels singing*

     I was so happy with how it turned out.  Honestly, just a little bit of paint and some sprucing up will really make something old, new again.  

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