Sunday, November 18, 2012

T-shirt FAIL... plus "More Cowbell".

With Christmas coming up, I wanted to go ahead and knock out some of Travis' Christmas gifts.  Since it takes awhile to ship to an APO address, I figured that I'd better get my butt in gear and knock something out.

     I've had a few t-shirt ideas for awhile, so with those in mind, I went to the store and picked up some shirts to bring it to fruition.

     The first shirt paid homage to one of the best films ever... "The Big Lebowski".

     I considered making one that said, "You want a toe?  I'll get you a toe." With a line drawing of a toe.  However, I discovered that doing a Google image search for "toe" is a painful process that brings up some pretty disgusting and funkified toe anomalies.  PLUS, after about 30 seconds of looking through toe pictures, I felt like a complete weirdo and decided to drop it.  Therefore, "The Dude Abides".

     My second t-shirt was a tribute to The Lonely Island's "I Threw it on the Ground".  (A funny, yet pointless song that makes me laugh.)

     I was so proud of using my new heat press and making some shirts that I knew he would actually wear and appreciate.  I packed them up and shipped them the next day.

     UNFORTUNATELY, I guess that size "Adult XL" at Joann's is actually a Young Adult size for teenagers.  Yup, the shirts were tighter than what you would see in a Britney Spears video.

     So, of course, I begged for pics to post.  If I'm going to flop, at least let me get a giggle out of it.

     I think it was more out of pity for me that he did it.  He knew how upset I was about the shirts not fitting, but I did laugh hysterically when I saw this and told him that he could always try out for The Village People if the Army didn't work out.  ;)

     After the shirt fail, I felt the need to redeem myself.  I had gotten the idea from my Silhouette forum and found the artwork to recreate it.

     "I got a fever... and the only prescription... is more cowbell."

     What he's going to do with a giant cowbell that has Christopher Walken plastered on it, I honestly don't know.  But it was fun to make.

     Finally, Cameron ran up to me this past week with his homework folder and asked me to embellish it.  When I asked him what he wanted, he said that he wanted the Notre Dame logo.  (BTW, Notre Dame is doing fantastic this season.  Go Irish!)

     Wishing everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving!  This is the first year that I have to make the turkey.  I'm hoping that I don't accidentally poison everyone.  :)

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  1. Why, after reading this post, does the "Salmon Mousse" skit from Monty Python's THE MEANING OF LIFE come to mind?