Monday, October 29, 2012

Bat Snacks

     It was Kai's snack day today.  With it being so close to Halloween, I decided to embrace the Halloween spirit and make... BAT SNACKS!

     I made 17 bat snack boxes with googly eyes.

     Had Kai help me mix together some animal crackers and bag them.
     Then we stuffed them...
     And the kids went to bed.  After they'd left for school in the morning, I decided to take the whole "bat" theme and just go with it.  I ripped the labels off the water bottles, designed some of my own (the goofy-eyed bats were a "cut" file from the Silhouette store that I filled the color in with in the design software and removed the "cut" feature)... and transformed them into bat juice.
     I dropped it off at his school for today's snack, and I'm waiting for him to come home to hear the verdict.


  1. Replies
    1. Kai came home in tears because he accidentally crushed his bat (I made him another one). I hope no other parents had to deal with the same meltdown! lol!