Sunday, October 28, 2012

Vinyl and the Giant Pot

     I've had an idea for awhile now about some onesies that I wanted to start carrying in the shop, so over the past few weeks, I was able to start ordering the supplies to start getting the project underway.  Heat transfer vinyl came in first, and while looking through a Silhouette group, I discovered permanent vinyl as well... which led to an order of a variety pack of that... as well as a heat press to top the whole thing off.

     Thank goodness I have an understanding husband.  My crafting addiction not only makes me pick up new hobbies left and right, but to dive in headfirst.  I do not know the meaning of dipping my toes in the water.

     So anyway, my heat press came in last week!  I was so excited (and, frankly, a little intimidated) to get started.  Usually, it takes me awhile to let the idea of using new equipment, but with this, I just went for it.  So glad I did.

     I started off by using the Silhouette to cut some heat transfer material, then booted up the heat press and knocked out some onesies with the artwork I had chosen.

The kiwi bird shirt, I kept for Liam and used it as a tester.

That poor shirt endured more wash and abuse in the past few days than you would believe.  However, I wanted to test the limit of the heat transfer material and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with the durability!

     After trying out the heat transfer material, I wanted to give the permanent vinyl a shot.  My first project was a travel mug for Cam's swim coach.  Cam's coach has been a phenomenal teacher and really made a difference in his self-esteem.  He went from not being able to swim at all, to being ready to go on the swim team!  Unfortunately, his teacher is leaving soon, so we wanted to show our appreciation with a gift he could remember Cam by.

Front of travel mug (with white paper so you can see the design better).

Back of mug.

     He seemed really happy when Cam gave it to him, so I'm happy that it was well-received!  Cam took his swim test and passed with flying colors.  So proud of him!

     After using and abusing the kiwi bird shirt, I felt ready to knock out the onesies for the shop.
    Please excuse the horrible lighting, it was 11 o'clock at night and I was wiped out.  They look a LOT better when you can actually see them....

     ...and even better when being worn.  ;)
     I fell in love with the brown sugar glider onesie and decided to keep it for Liam.  I think he liked it too... at least he didn't scream like he did with the Dr. Seuss hat.

     To finish up the week, I took the kids to the new TJMaxx store that just opened up.  Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot there, but we did discover the biggest pot I have ever seen in my life.

     As any good mom would do, I stuck my kids inside, pretended to make "children soup" and snapped some pictures.

     Of course, Cam was too "cool" to get into the pot; however, the little guys had a BLAST!


  1. So envious of your transfer vinyl skilz. I almost bought a Silhouette, but just before I hit the authorize button, decided I'm not crafty enough to justify it. I'm really kind of a crafty coward.

    1. I don't think it's being a "coward". I think it's smart not to spend the money if you're not going to use it. Better than not having the money and just having the Silhouette collect dust! ;)