Sunday, July 31, 2011

Houndstooth Pom-Pom Capelet

So while it doesn't get super cold here down in the South (normally), there are still some mid-winter days that are pretty cool.  I decided to start on some clothing for the cooler seasons coming up and chose to do a houndstooth pom-pom capelet.
I used McCall's pattern 4703 and modified the snot out of it.  Instead of two layers, I added an extra layer of fusible fleece, sandwiched in between the outer cotton houndstooth and the soft inner fleece.  Pom poms were added to the bottom and I added extra seam details to the outer layer to make it look more "tailored".  Stitch around the collar and around the entire outside of the capelet.

Scarlett is already talking the the pom-poms like they're her friends.  Cracks  me up!

Yesterday, I also tried my hand at homemade bug repellant.  Found a recipe online that was a mixture of witch hazel and lavender essential oil.  Decided to whip up a teeny batch and give it a shot.

Sprayed it on and waited.....

The end result...

Travis' foot.  A.K.A.- "bug buffet"

Yeah, didn't work out so well.  Next concoction will include vanilla.  I feel like a mad scientist.  It's me vs. bug.  (Sadly, the bugs are winning right now.)


  1. Beautiful capelet! I just saw a recipe the other day for homemade bug I can't remember where but if I find it I will let you know. I think it may have used vodka (along with some other stuff) and you have to let it sit for like 2 weeks. The blog I was reading said it really worked. Hopefully I can find it again

  2. I'd love to know about it if you can find it! The spray I made was more of a bug attractor than anything else. *laughing*

  3. Ok I can not find the exact one I found before. Sorry. I have been looking for over an hour and I did find quite a few upon searching for "Bug Repellent made with vodka". Here is one page I found with a lot of different recipes. Hopefully I will find the orginal one and get it to you. HTH!